Attendance Phone: 250-598-4589
Attendance Email: Email

Success in learning is closely related to attendance; therefore, attendance will be closely monitored. The following procedures will apply:

Sign-Out/Early Dismissal:  If a student needs to leave school early, a note from a parent/guardian is required and should be presented to the teacher or the parent should contact the office. Either way, students are then required to sign out at the office before leaving.

Absences and Lates:  Being present and on time to class is an expectation and responsibility of every Monterey student.  If a student is to be absent, a parent/guardian is expected to contact the school at (250) 598-4589 and leave a message.  If no call has been recorded, the school will try to contact the phone numbers and email addresses of parents to verify the absence.  A student arriving after 8:40 AM must report to the office before going to class, with all lates being recorded.  Attendance and tardiness (lates) are monitored by the school and this information is noted on report cards.   In addition, parents may be contacted when chronic absenteeism or tardiness presents a concern.