Athletics Newsletter Nov 30

Monterey has an excellent reputation for its strong and well-organized extra-curricular Athletics Program,  which includes cross country running, basketball, swimming,  soccer, volleyball,  field hockey, rugby, ultimate frisbee and track and field. This is thanks to the value placed on athletics in the Oak Bay community as well as the dedication of Mrs. Rud as Athletic Director, the commitment of our many teacher, parent, and community coaches and the support provided by our Student Athletic Leadership Program under the guidance of Mrs.  Rud.  While there is certainly a competitive aspect to the Athletics Program as we play against schools throughout the district and southern Vancouver Island, the main focus at the middle school level is on participation, skill development, furthering personal fitness and exploring different types of sports.

Complementing this Athletics Program in which we compete against other schools, Monterey has its own in-house lunch-time Intramurals Program coordinated by our school principal, Mr. Andrews!  Each advisory class is a team and teams are invited to the gym at lunch-break on particular days to play indoor sports against other classes.  Points are awarded for goals, participation, and team spirit.

During morning and lunch recess, for those with “free time” (when not practicing on an athletics team or playing Intramurals or participating in one of our many clubs or music ensembles), we want to encourage as much recreational play at break-times as possible. To that end, our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) has purchased recreational equipment – balls, frisbees, skipping ropes, etc – for student use at recess breaks.  Thank you Monterey PAC!

For upcoming & current Athletics activities, see weekly “Monterey Athletics” link above.