Upcoming Events

Pro-D Day~ no school for students

October 25 @ 8:50 am - 3:00 pm

Photo Retake am

November 4 @ 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Remembrance Day Assembly

November 8 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Remembrance Day-No School

November 11 @ 8:50 am - 3:00 pm

PAC Meeting

November 14 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Daily Timetable & Bell Schedule

8:50 am Advisory Class
9:15 am Block 1
10:12 am Nutrition Break
10:27 am Block 2
11:24 am Block 3
12:21 pm Lunch
12:36 pm Lunch Recess
1:06 pm Block 4
2:03 pm Block 5
3:00 pm Dismissal

Latest Tweets

Wonderful to see @MontereyStorm students participating in today’s Student Vote run by @chalk_talker and her Grade 6 class (paralleling the federal election) 👍 https://t.co/sKrHKt4s3b MontereyStorm photo

Team Identity & Sense-of-Belonging is a cornerstone of the middle school model. Our Gr 6 @MontereyStorm classes gather for prstns of favourite ideas for their team name/identity & related values. Great student prstns & discussion. Stay tuned for results! https://t.co/t1lw5fJwM3 MontereyStorm photo

@MontereyStorm is pleased to be gathered together to listen to the vibrant music & powerful environmental education messages of @jellyfishproj https://t.co/edDtPzCQ0s MontereyStorm photo

As part of the OB Family of Schools, @MontereyStorm was so pleased to participate in these fundraising efforts in support of both cancer research as well as our terrific police liaison officer & 2019 Tour de Rock team-member @CstPerry 👍 https://t.co/LsCazjyRDx
MontereyStorm photo
Tour de Rock @TourdeRock
The students of @OakBayHigh presented a cheque to Tour de Rock for an incredible $76,208!! THANK YOU! @OakBayPolice @CstPerry #tourderock #yyj #forthekids https://t.co/TCcspbP6hn

It’s lunch recess and you know what that means? It means hundreds of @MontereyStorm kids (and kids-at-heart) are playing together outdoors! https://t.co/G3M1YP0Dll MontereyStorm photo

Orange Shirt Day: After learning about the forced residential schooling of indigenous children, @MontereyStorm gr 8 Ss are leading grade-wide assemblies & talking circles w every class in the school today, participating in Canada’s journey toward truth & reconciliation. https://t.co/6yo8DQsAUM MontereyStorm photo

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO! Thx to @SD61Careers for supporting 5 years of Young Entrepreneurs experiential-based cross-curricular learning at @MontereyStorm - already looking forward to this year’s YE program culminating in our student-run Monterey Market in March 2020 👍 https://t.co/HgjPcGdaRb

After team-based breakout sessions around our common areas of focus (see previous tweet), we come back together to present our ideas & plans to the staff-at-large ... great to be sharing with & learning from one another @MontereyStorm Pro D Day. https://t.co/DY1ro50lhT MontereyStorm photo

For school-based Pro D today, @MontereyStorm staff are gathered together, sharing great ideas & strategies to develop team-based initiatives for our Ss’ growth in our common areas-of-focus: Team-Identity/Belonging; Communication (esp Writing) Skills; & Social-Emotional Wellness! https://t.co/xH9gFgv7jc MontereyStorm photo

⁦Wow! ⁦ @MontereyStorm⁩ students & staff featured in @SD61Careers⁩ mini-doc Young Entrepreneurs video! Looking forward to our 5th Annual student-run YE Monterey Market in March 2020, and all the learning along the way 😊 https://t.co/tu2KMmBafi

We’re celebrating the Fall Harvest & Team Spirit @MontereyStorm annual Corn Husking Relays! https://t.co/FvSwlQCDyx MontereyStorm photo

Here are a few favourite photos taken yesterday morning by our school principal @KenAndrewsEduc when co-leading gr 7 sea kayak experience, thru which our Ss gain a deeper sense of connection/understanding/appreciation of our natural world. https://t.co/PpDMqW0ZK3 MontereyStorm photo

Thru a series of paddling & natural history experiences, culminating in an overnight kayak-camping trip in June, these @MontereyStorm students will learn valuable outdoor skills, teamwork & leadership skills, and so much about the natural environment to which we belong! https://t.co/ln6EpDmJiG
MontereyStorm photo
Ken Andrews @KenAndrewsEduc
Great to be w @MontereyStorm gr 7s and @baronmarkb this morning as we launch our sea kayaks for their first paddle of the school year! https://t.co/RZ9cv8o3dQ

So much positive energy & laughter amongst our Ss as they reconnect & engage in zany “Team Challenges”. Welcome back to school @MontereyStorm https://t.co/xYd5qcdXuZ MontereyStorm photo

Happening now: ⁦ @MontereyStorm⁩ staff-at-large engaged in professional growth, focused on co-teaching strategies to further student inclusion & learning! https://t.co/sL5a3ONWGq MontereyStorm photo

Happening now: inspiring Fringe Festival play about @MontereyStorm tchr-librarian Keely Thornton’s remarkable journey thru cancer, written & directed by our recently retired tchr Mitch Barnes! https://t.co/FzY8MfNEAz MontereyStorm photo

Happening now: @MontereyStorm Staff Breakfast Meeting/Celebration! A wonderful way to finish the school year, sharing our 2018-19 highlights as well as special farewells to our departing colleagues! https://t.co/X3vtolw9bh MontereyStorm photo

Happening now: @MontereyStorm Staff Party! Lots of laughs as we learn lawn bowling 😊 https://t.co/CnUaU9uWTu MontereyStorm photo

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