Upcoming Events

MMPA Meeting – 7:30 p.m. Music Room

November 30 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Music Concert

December 8 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

MMPA Meeting – 7:30 p.m. Music Room

December 14 @ 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Hamper Pack and Delivery

December 17 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Last Day of Classes

December 18 @ 8:50 am

Daily Timetable & Bell Schedule

8:50 am Advisory Class
9:15 am Block 1
10:12 am Nutrition Break
10:27 am Block 2
11:24 am Block 3
12:21 pm Lunch
12:36 pm Lunch Recess
1:06 pm Block 4
2:03 pm Block 5
3:00 pm Dismissal

Monterey’s Clothing Store is now closed

Monterey’s on-line clothing store has closed until the spring. Check back or watch for notices in the Next Week @ Monterey for the clothing options and the link.

Latest Tweets

Pajama Day ⁦ @MontereyStorm⁩ today 😊
Especially with these dark rainy days & pandemic related stresses, it’s important we continue to give our kids (and kids-at-heart) the chance to have fun! ⁦ @sd61schools#sd61learn https://t.co/9vH0o5AFDP
MontereyStorm photo

Taking the learning outdoors @MontereyStorm - Grade 8 students start the day practicing French scripts whilst standing on the log circle! @sd61schools https://t.co/iw0dypUzaq MontereyStorm photo

Thanks2 @khaasedu 4 sharing w tchr-colleagues - at today’s @MontereyStorm Faculty Mtg - great resources & approaches to indigenous education w our classes, incldg story-telling & kid-friendly version of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s “Calls to Action” @sd61schools https://t.co/PeADl1LjZI MontereyStorm photo

Extra-Curricular Athletics (w Covid-19 related safety protocols) in action: Wonderful to have keen @MontereyStorm students in the gym before school for the first day of our basketball free-throw competition 👍 https://t.co/RDL92XuMiB MontereyStorm photo

@MontereyStorm is very grateful to @MontereyPAC & our St Spirit Council for great fundraising for next phase of playground upgrades - outdoor all-weather ping pong tables - and for making Principal @KenAndrewsEduc sleep on the school roof in a Woolly Mammoth onesie! @sd61schools https://t.co/HyGBxN715E
MontereyStorm photo
Ken Andrews @KenAndrewsEduc
Gr. 8 students at recess today: “Hey, Mr A., the newspapers arrived at my house this morning (because I deliver them around the neighbourhood after school) & you’re in today’s paper w Bea & Max!”😊
“The ping pong tables will be awesome!”👍
“Hope you don’t freeze on the roof!” 🤪 https://t.co/5QIyf2HhKK

Here’s a sampling of the over 35 beautiful student designs submitted for our ⁦ @MontereyStorm⁩ Yearbook Cover Contest :) ⁦ @sd61schoolshttps://t.co/UqVzDscCPL MontereyStorm photo

We held a special - adapted for Covid-19 safety - Remembrance Ceremony @MontereyStorm w bagpiper & st honour guard, w classes listening to heartfelt words of respect over the PA, standing for silent reflection, and watching Remembrance video accompanied by student musicians. https://t.co/u9YPsSPvl8 MontereyStorm photo

Valuable @sd61schools resource for parents. Check it out 👍 https://t.co/KfuG7Q0UL1
MontereyStorm photo
Greater Victoria SD @sd61schools
NOVEMBER SNAPSHOTS - This month's snapshots focus on strategies that parents/guardians can use to help grow their own children’s social-emotional skills at home. #sd61learn

Elem: https://t.co/GwPfbQF8iF
Middle: https://t.co/aCrRWFeZYD
Secondary: https://t.co/kTipXxkmH7 https://t.co/RgzwT1LcFv

Happening now: @MontereyStorm Halloween Costume Contest coordinated by our Student Spirit Council w attention to Covid safety practices. So much fun to see the kids (and kids at heart) dressed up in creative costumes and having fun 😄🎃 @sd61schools https://t.co/D51yXhfPPY MontereyStorm photo

Great to have the support of @OakBayPolice within our school community #ItTakesAVillage 😊 https://t.co/DwU22jaanW
MontereyStorm photo
Oak Bay Police @OakBayPolice
Two of our members on shift today discussed Halloween safety, with proper distancing, with Monterey students. Lots of great questions from the kids! https://t.co/zUgDszfigv

Along w learning about indigenous culture and colonisation, these Ss are learning about the environment and giving back to the community by removing invasive plant species to restore the natural habitat 🌎 https://t.co/IdOUvlKxjO
MontereyStorm photo
Ken Andrews @KenAndrewsEduc
Toward Truth & Reconciliation: Twas an honour to join these @MontereyStorm Ss & @mr_elsdon at local park where Earl Claxton shared his indigenous knowledge of the area - the salmon runs and the Garry Oak groves - and his mother’s residential school experiences. @sd61schools https://t.co/ziuR2ZdMfy

Way to go, @MontereyPAC and Student Spirit Council ... Looks like our @MontereyStorm principal - @KenAndrewsEduc - will be spending a cold night on the roof!! Hey, less than another $1,500 and he must do so in a Woolly Mammoth onesie ... which will keep him warm 😆 @sd61schools https://t.co/CXtM5n4328 MontereyStorm photo

Great to have these officers visit us @MontereyStorm MontereyStorm today, educating our Grade 6 Ss about Halloween safety. The support we’ve received from @OakBayPolice over the years has been greatly appreciated. #ItTakesAVillage https://t.co/lInODwadqb
MontereyStorm photo
Ray Bernoties (Police Chief - Oak Bay Police Dept) @ray_oak
Great to see two of our members attend Monterey School today and give a Hallowe'en Safety Talk...from a distance! @sd61schools https://t.co/sp1eGeM7cl

@sd61schools We’re looking forward to our annual - revised for Covid safety - Halloween Costume Contest organized by our Student Spirit Council 🎃

Happening now: gr 7 math activity in which Ss are problem-solving & sharing their thinking using hands-on manipulatives & individual mini-whiteboard paddles - numeracy learning in action @MontereyStorm! @khaasedu @SD61Learn https://t.co/Vj07sUjGFS MontereyStorm photo

Happening now @MontereyStorm : Gr 8 Chemistry Science Experiment .... with very engaged students 🙂 @sd61schools @SD61Learn https://t.co/GhcyAhO4Rz MontereyStorm photo

Happening now @MontereyStorm : lots of indoor learning too - research projects, art, and woodshop! https://t.co/lndzcPvjz4 MontereyStorm photo

Happening now @MontereyStorm : Lots of Outdoor Learning - orienteering & baseball https://t.co/rAyjN40JXV MontereyStorm photo

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