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Music Concert

March 4 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

YE Monterey Market

March 11 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Last Day before Spring Break

March 13

Report Cards Home

March 13 @ 3:00 pm

Spring Break

March 16 @ 8:50 am - March 27 @ 3:00 pm

Daily Timetable & Bell Schedule

8:50 am Advisory Class
9:15 am Block 1
10:12 am Nutrition Break
10:27 am Block 2
11:24 am Block 3
12:21 pm Lunch
12:36 pm Lunch Recess
1:06 pm Block 4
2:03 pm Block 5
3:00 pm Dismissal

Latest Tweets

Happening now: Pink Shirt Day founder Travis Price sharing with the students of @MontereyStorm his powerful personal story of experiencing bullying and becoming an agent of positive change! https://t.co/e3JKJEd7Ry MontereyStorm photo

Happening now in science class: @MontereyStorm excitement & engagement as students learn about changes in matter thru making ice cream! https://t.co/PsA2uEpEiG MontereyStorm photo

Happening now: @MontereyStorm Swim Team in the finals w other schools at Commonwealth Pool. Enthusiastic middle school swimmers supported by dedicated high school & teacher coaches 😊 https://t.co/xCDuOXKgz8 MontereyStorm photo

Yes, & we are thrilled to have Travis Price - founder of Pink Shirt Day - coming to @MontereyStorm to share his personal story w our students - a story about standing up to bullying and furthering inclusivity, creating a legacy that has spread across Canada & around the world! https://t.co/zpKe9cE5ov
MontereyStorm photo
Greater Victoria SD @sd61schools
Pink Shirt Day is only a week away! It is great to see student artwork already filling the halls with messages expressing the importance of “bee-ing” kind. #sd61learn #VicWest https://t.co/cNfjmPytgG

It’s been a great season on the slopes for our @MontereyStorm Grade 8 Ski Team, partnering w the terrific @OakBayHigh Ski Team who are headed to Provincials! ❄️😄👍 https://t.co/hr9J7WDaV9

Our school library is the place to check out the enticing “Blind Dates” that one of our classes created for other Ss throughout the school! Cultivating a love of reading for Valentine’s Day ⁦ @MontereyStorm⁩ ❤️ https://t.co/hhkwxw2dT0 MontereyStorm photo

A terrific culmination to @MontereyStorm Gr 8 Math Unit on Probability w @mr_elsdon - as Gr 6 & 7 Ss try games-of-chance designed by the Gr 8 Ss, sharing their numeracy lessons w an authentic audience of motivated learners! https://t.co/k2PIpYnjwy MontereyStorm photo

Great collaboration between our high school and middle school classes, engaging in shared learning activities together about our local environment. https://t.co/B7FfYs8XoZ
MontereyStorm photo
Derek Shrubsole @djshrubsole
Today was a wonderful start to the collaboration between @OBpulse Science Discovery and @MontereyStorm Ocean Studies class. Making new connections and exploring Bowker Creek with a photo scavenger hunt. @sd61schools @TheCapitalIdeal https://t.co/9ktRIFeygi

Happening now: @MontereyStorm students & teachers getting into the spirit of Twin Day! Our school aims to integrate both learning and fun for healthy childhood experiences in the middle years 😊 https://t.co/8lRKMAguZ5 MontereyStorm photo

Happening now: @MontereyStorm Grade 8 Ski Team decides to forget about their skis and roll down the hill instead! Developing group skills and having fun together on @MountWashington ❄️😄 https://t.co/n2HScFgTeq MontereyStorm photo

Happening 3 hours ago: @MontereyStorm Grade 8 Ski Team learning to race alpine gates on @MountWashington - developing confidence, skills, and courage! https://t.co/noFPXeSWBi MontereyStorm photo

So many students enthusiastically participated in the first match of our Grade 7 lunchtime Intramurals Program - fitness and fun together @MontereyStorm 👍😊 https://t.co/4TsgsuZepF MontereyStorm photo

Happening now: @MontereyStorm Grade 8 Ski Team practicing their skills w Principal @KenAndrewsEduc on the slopes of @MountWashington ❄️☃️ https://t.co/oDOBB1Jd8g MontereyStorm photo

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